Surviving Winter

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With your help, we can save lives this winter.

At Lonely Orphans, we know that families around the world will need extra support this winter.

Here in the UK, the bitter cold of winter is creeping in. Scientists say this winter will be especially frigid, which means that families in marginalized areas are facing new hardships. In Turkey, some communities will experience winters with sub-zero temperatures. Even in warmer countries such as Bangladesh, pleasant days can give way to chilly nights, with sharp drops in temperature by as much as 10+ degrees.

So, as we bundle up in our jumpers and scarves, we’re keeping warm by preparing our Winter Aid Distribution. We will be supplying families and communities the support they need to bear this winter’s hardship..

Our 2023 Winter Appeal will continue to support:

Rohingya people who were displaced to Bangladesh

The Uyghur diaspora in Turkey

Melayu minority communities in Indonesia and Thailand

All displaced, impoverished and/or marginalized communities that we work with in the UK, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, and Thailand.

Winter looks different in each country and for each community. Your generosity will help us provide the right support to the right places.

Become a warm light for those going through exceptional hardship this year.

Together, we’ll help families survive the winter.

Support Lonely Orphans today. Together, we’re saving lives. Together, we’re one family.