Medical Aid


REMEDI – from basic medical aid to complex life-saving surgeries.

Over 2 million children die from preventable diseases, each year, because vulnerable families cannot afford basic treatment. Most under-5 deaths are preventable, but for every 1,000 children born, 39 will sadly die before the age of 5.

Lonely Orphans understand that basic medical aid and access to doctors is a right for all. We work with experienced doctors and surgeons to help provide world class medical and health interventions before it is too late.

Through our REMEDI projects, we have helped thousands of children and families in poverty, by preventing outbreaks in refugee camps, addressing birth defects, supporting victims of violence and rape to healing burn victims. However, the work does not end and vulnerable children and families are still in need.

Support Lonely Orphans today. Together, we’re saving lives. Together, we’re one family.