Making the world of difference

Lonely Orphans is a UK based charity working to serve others in order to help orphans and the vulnerable among them around the world. We endeavour to empower the disadvantaged by giving aid with dignity. We want to help fight poverty and injustice for a better future. Lonely Orphans has been working with the Rohingya people since 2013. Dubbed the most persecuted ethnic group on Earth, we have helped thousands of vulnerable women and children with emergency food, shelter, medicine among many other amenities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a world where orphan children have similar opportunities as our children.

  • Everything we do has been for the unity and equality of all people in society and it is a core principle within Lonely Orphans.

  • Creating sustainable and lasting change in unique and innovative ways has been the way we deliver our projects. Setting trends and leading the sector in positive impacts.

  • Maintaining a transparent and honest etiquette in all dealing. Ensuring the organisations aims and objectives maintain absolute clear intentions for the benefit of those who are vulnerable and needy.

  • True justice in every sense of the meaning for all regardless of race, gender, colour, or creed.

  • Taking responsibility in all activities and resources in order to ensure that aims and objectives are achieved in the most efficient way for the benefit of stakeholders and beneficiaries.

Our Mission

Our mission is the relief of poverty and sickness, as well as the advancement of education for orphans and their families throughout the world, in particular but not exclusively, through the provision of accommodation, support, food, medical treatment and education.

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